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Commandos 4 Possibly Under Development [Rumblings]

commandosgroup Last year there were rumours  started about another Commandos game possibly being in development, but these rumours were later denied by Pyro Studios, the developers of the series, which saw three great RTS type games enter the market, along with one FPS spin-off which didn’t turn out so well.

But even though Pyro said the company wasn’t currently working on a game at the time, didn’t mean that there weren’t plans for the future.

Now it seems that is the case, as these rumours have resurfaced, as a LinkedIn profile of a former Pyro Studios lead designer, Marcos Domenech, was discovered, and lists Commandos 4 as a game he has worked on. He is currently working on Brink with Splash Damage.

There’s also another LinkedIn profile belonging to José Ramón Díaz Martín, which also states he worked on the game, and still is.

Obviously there’s no official confirmation, and the profile will either be edited or taken down soon, which usually says a lot on its own. On a side note, I’d be totally stoked to play another Commandos game. It’s been too long. Maybe I’ll get one of the other three out and play.


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