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Apocalypse Now Video Game Could be in the Works

Apocnow1 Apocalypse Now is considered one of the best Vietnam War films ever made, along with others like Platoon and Full Metal Jacket. I find it quite odd that here in SA, Apocalypse Now isn’t shown on TV as often as the other two.

Now the movie might be getting some renewed interest, as Killspace Entertainment has registered two domains called “”, and “” This suggests obviously that a game based on the movie is in the works.

Killspace Entertainment's LinkedIn profile suggests that its working on two titles, one of which is a “licensed IP to be announced.” Wonder what the other one is then?

There are some concerns that a game based on this particular movie might not be such a good idea, as it isn’t as action-packed as some of the afore-mentioned titles. We all know a game based on a movie isn’t exactly a recipe for success. They should rather have taken inspiration from the movies as well as done research on the real war, and made their own.

But then again, it’s better than getting another World War II FPS in an over-saturated market, or another Modern Warfare…


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