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New Syndicate Revival Title Seemingly Confirmed

syndicatedude2 The rumours have been flying around this week, with this particular one floating on the internet for about the last two years. They said that there would be a resurrection of the acclaimed Syndicate series from the 90’s.

Now there’s evidence of this, as there have been copyright filings discovered that have made clear the developer of this revival: Starbreeze Studios, a Swedish company who worked on The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, and the sequel, Assault on Dark Athena. They now apparently have the rights to the IP. This was internally known as “Project RedLime” for some time. It’s not known what this Syndicate’s full title will be.

Electronic Arts will be the publisher. This took place last year in June. This and other rumours before it seem to confirm that the game has been in development for the last couple of years. There’s hope for an official word come E3 this year.

syndicate Syndicate_wars

                     Syndicate [1993] and Syndicate Wars [1996]

Another title in development at the studio, based on the Bourne series of movies, starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, was cancelled earlier on this year.

The original Syndicate games, that started with Syndicate in 1993, Syndicate: American Revolt in 1995, and Syndicate Wars in 1996, were isometric strategy titles developed by Bullfrog Productions, headed by the legendary Peter Molyneux, who went on to form Lionhead Studios.


Source: Superannuation – The Escapist



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