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Ghost Sighting: Even UN Peacekeepers play Modern Warfare 2

I saw this is in the local Weekend Argus, and couldn’t help but smile. For anyone whose ever played Modern Warfare 2, you must know who this reminds you of:

scan0001 Ghost-MW2

UN peacekeeper [Left] and  Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 [Right]

This picture above is of a UN peacekeeper in Darfur, Sudan [check the caption]. I scanned it earlier and posted it here for you to see. Obviously the guy is imitating Ghost from Modern Warfare 2. Check the skull on the balaclava, and he even has the sunglasses too. And the gloves.

It’s pretty impressive, apart from the helmet, seeing as Ghost doesn’t wear one [and probably should], but you’re right if you’re thinking that a peacekeeper shouldn't really be in this sort of garb. If you look closely he’s also got his iPod hooked up
Whether he’s actually played the game, or just saw the character, I don’t know, but it was a great find to see this.

Source: Weekend Argus – Associated Press [Photo]


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