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Saw II Video Game Coming, Coming to the PC, Maybe

saw The first Saw movie was quite chilling. Unfortunately it ended up being milked for everything it was worth as sequel after sequel came out, and it even ended up getting parodied in the Scary Movie series by the moronic Wayans brothers.

Then last year the series got its first video game, which was available for PC via digital download. I haven’t played it, but it apparently did well enough to warrant a sequel, arriving this year, named Saw II.

The game is set to be released for PS3 and Xbox 360, but there is supposedly a possibility of another PC release. The game is being developed by Zombie Studios, as was the prequel, and it will be published by Konami. Saw II is set between the second and third movie, story-wise, although some reports say it’s between the first and second.

Bloody hell.

Konami says:

"all-new stomach-twisting traps and puzzles, more visceral combat, and an all-new storyline that takes place between the second and third movie."

There. A trailer’s been released for the game as well.



“Saw II game announced; still could come to the PC” [Big Download]
“SAW 2 Konami Gamers Night Trailer” [Gaming Today]



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