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Major Spring Sale on Direct2Drive, Up to 88% Off on PC Games

direct2drivejuly15 Here in the southern hemisphere, you might have realised that it’s now Autumn, or “Fall” as our American cousins call it. But, in the northern hemisphere, America included, it’s spring time.

Direct2Drive is suffering from “Spring Gaming Fever” and is running a sale for the occasion for the next 4 weeks, from April 12 to May 9th where you can get up to 88% on selected games. Some of these include Fallout 3, Dark Void and Call of Cthulhu, at $15 and $10 respectively. The lowest price reduction will be 50%, with some games going at 80% off and more.

Deals will change every Monday, with over 20 games in total getting a price drop. This week, there’s an Atari games bundle for $74.95, which has thirteen games that would normally cost $268.35 purchased separately. That’s nearly $200 off.

They also have a deal where if you spend $75 at the D2D store, you get $15 back in D2D cash - credit going towards other purchases that’s valid until June 8th.

Games on sale this week [Qualify for credit]:

Atari 2010 Spring bundle - 76% off
King’s Bounty Gold Edition - 67% off
Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold - 75% off
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Combo Park Pack - 75% off
Call of Cthulhu:Dark Corners of the Earth – 83% off
Dark Void – 70% off
Battlestations: Pacific – 50% off
Elven Legacy Complete Edition – 67% off
DCS: Black Shark – 63% off
Fallout 3 – 50% off
Gothic III – 83% off

More Spring Sales:

Downfall – 50% off
King's Bounty: Armored Princess – 75% off
GUN – 50% off
MotoGP 08 – 88% off
DiRT 2 - 75% off
STALKER: Clear Sky - 75% off
Tropico 3 - 50% off
Just Cause – 47% off
Reservoir Dogs: The Game – 50% off
Democracy 2  - 78% off

You can visit the page here which will show you everything.


Source: Direct2Drive



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