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Vuzu Adverts Sound Conspicuously Like GLaDOS From Portal

Glados I was quite amused the other night while on Vuzu [Channel 123 on DSTV] to hear a type of voice I found recognisable: GLaDOS from Portal. It wasn’t exactly the same, and it lacked the usual dark humour, but the way it sounded was more or less the same.
Have a listen. Then listen to GlaDOS.
I mean, I can’t really think why they would do this other than trying to be funny or creative. There are gaming shows on the channel, like PlayR, The Verge, and more recently, the new additions like The Ginx Files and GameFace, originally British shows, presented by Julia Hardy.
But the strange GLaDOS-sounding voice was talking more about entertainment this time.
Maybe Portal had more of an influence than I thought. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Yes, probably.


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