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Hydrophobia Coming to PC and PS3 in Addition to Xbox 360

Hydrophobia Hydrophobia was once thought no too long ago to be an XBLA exclusive title. But Dark Energy Digital, the developers, confirmed recently that the game will also appear on PS3 and PC sometime, after the Xbox 360 “exclusivity” wears off.

Both retail and digital distribution versions of the game are planned for Xbox 360, while the PS3 will only get it via PSN.

Pete Jones of Dark Energy Digital:

“Hydrophobia is of a production quality that only the best at retail can match and yes it is of a comparable gameplay length to an AAA retail game."

"We produced the engine principally because it conveys a massive productivity benefit - basically it allows a small team like ourselves to produce a big budget game."But it had a spin off effect of producing a game to an impossibly small file size. Impossibly small meaning under 1GB."My bizarre analogy for this is Viagra. It was developed as a heart drug but had an interesting side effect."

"Size matters. Not sure that the industry has quite grasped this one yet. All of a sudden everyone talks about downloading games. But this bright digital future has a big elephant sitting in their virtual room. Until developers produce games with IW or its equivalent it will remain a dream."

I’ve seen the trailer for Hydrophobia not too long ago on The Verge, and the latest NAG cover DVD, which came out on Thursday the 29th, also had it on there. It looks like a cross between Dead Space and BioShock. It’s a third person game set on some vessel that’s flooded with water – hence the name hydrophobia: the irrational fear of water.

Interesting fact: hydrophobia is a symptom of rabies.


Source: Hydrophobia release and platforms clarified [IncGamers]



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