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Direct2Drive Spring Sale - Week 3: X-Com Complete Bundle, Brothers in Arms Bundle

direct2drivejuly15 The Spring Sale at D2D is still on, with week 3 kicking off yesterday. I forgot to post about then, but I’m doing it now.

There’s another twenty games where you can save on, mainly from 30% upwards to about 75%, including the following:

Civilization 4: The Complete Edition - $9.95
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - $14.95
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI - $9.95
Battlefield 2 Complete Collection - $14.95
Star Trek Online - $29.95
The Saboteur - $14.95
Caesar IV - $4.95
Sid Meier's Railroads! - $4.95
Torchlight - $9.95
X-Com Complete Bundle - $4.95
NBA 2k10 - $9.95

East India Company Bundle - $19.95
BioShock - $9.95
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 - $4.95
Brothers in Arms Bundle - $19.95
Dawn of Discovery: Gold Edition - $34.95
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Special Edition - $14.95
Tom Clancy's HAWX - $9.95
EverQuest® II Sentinel's Fate - $19.95
Cities XL Limited Edition - $14.95
Altitude - $4.95

I found it quite appropriate that an X-Com bundle is on sale seeing as a new XCOM game is on the way. Other games that appeal to my interest include Battlefield 2 and The Saboteur. And there’s BioShock and a Brothers in Arms Bundle, which has all the titles in the series in one.


Source: Direct2Drive



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