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Ubisoft Wants To Get Rid of Game Manuals

I have such good memories of game manuals. Whether it was Unreal, Half-Life: Opposing Force, No One Lives Forever – I could spend hours reading and re-reading these little booklets. Some of them were huge, like that of Homeworld. Didn’t enjoy that so much.


The manual for Red Alert 2. The guy pictured reminds me of my Geography teacher in high school.

First Ubisoft created waves with their new DRM methods. Now they want to do away with game manuals. Their excuse is that they’re going green and want to stop printing game manuals. All fair and well I suppose. I mean, a lot of games have manuals in PDF format on the game’s DVD nowadays anyway. And they’ve been doing that for years as far I remember.

"No more manuals? Ubisoft announced last week that they will be ditching the trend of printing instruction manuals for new games under the 'green' initiative.”


Source: Ubisoft Says No More Game Manuals [Slashdot]



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