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NAG Doing an Interview with GOG, Come up with Questions Please

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             Copy of NAG VS. GOGA

GOG stands for Good Old Games. It’s a digital distribution service that started up a couple of years ago, and has gone on to become quite popular since. Their aim is to provide classic games, like the newly added Blood: One Unit Whole Blood, which are DRM free, and guaranteed to work on modern operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. They’re also cheap, with most games going for $5.99. It saves you a lot of money having to go to places like Amazon and pay through the nose for these old classics, that usually cost as much if not more than new games because of their rarity or other factors that “justify” the price.

NAG, or NAG magazine, is going to do an interview with the people over there soon, and want you to come up with questions. If you’re a reader of the magazine or visit the website from time to time, this is your chance.

“We're soon going to do an interview with the fine people over at, and I thought I'd put forward the option for you guys to contribute to some questions. No "when is my bestest most favourite game coming?" questions, please.

So, what do you want to ask GOG?”

I’m not completely sure if this will feature on the website or in a future issue of the magazine, or both, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. All I know is that these open interviews where people can contribute questions can work quite well, instead of one person having to do all the work.

So far we have these questions:

“How much of a factor is the Wishlist facility when they decide which games to give the GOG treatment? It's clear they don't just start at the top and work their way down.”

“Many of the games on GOG are pretty unheard of and some aren't even that old, what criteria do they look for when adding a game to the GOG list?”

“How often has do publishers say no when asked to publish a game on GOG?”

“Have any publishers/developers approached GoG to say, "Hey, here's our old game; add it to your catalogue please"?”

“Since is a download-based service, how does it work with your catalogue being completely DRM-free? Is it solely based on trust?”

“Do they love a lot of ponies?” [Likely won’t make it into the interview]


Source: Ask [NAG Online Forums]



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