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Sony Doing Away With Floppies by Next Year

3.4 inch floppy disk Remember the days of the 3.5” 1.44 MB floppy, that ironically some of us called a stiffy, which you would slip into your drive [the A: drive]? That little device is going out of business finally, as Sony, one of the companies that still makes them, is going to cease producing them in March of next year.
“Sony, one of just a few companies that still produce the archaic computer storage media, has announced plans to end production of floppies in March 2011.”
I still have a few of these lying around, but the bigger 5.25” floppies are rarer to come by. I still have an A: drive despite not using it that much at all, if ever [mostly never]. At school, years ago, we mainly used stiffies, or floppies, for distributing naughty things.

For the last few years most of us have been using flash drives, external hard drives, in addition to CDs and DVDS. And not to mention filehosting where a person can upload something to the internet for other people to have a look at.
Source: The once ubiquitous floppy finally being axed by Sony [Ars Technica]


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