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Top Gear Test Track to be in Gran Turismo 5

Top gear pályatérkép Top Gear is a big favourite of mine. In fact it’s a big favourite in SA. I reckon Jeremy Clarkson is one of the funniest men on television, and without him, the show would be very different.

Those of you who’ve seen the series know that the current format, with the current hosts, has been running since 2002 or so, but the original series went much further back.

We’ve all seen Stig race around the Top Gear test track in the most amazingly quick super cars, and we’ve laughed while witnessing the likes of stars and legends such as Michael Gambon [who has a corner on the track named after him] come a cropper while giving it a go in a much more modest vehicle.

That Top Gear test track is going to appear in Gran Turismo 5, it turns out.

Kazunori Yamauchi:
“We had a helicopter taking aerial photographs of the circuit, and had ground crews taking photos and measurements of the track all the way around. It took about three to four days to finish the whole thing”.
“I tried driving it myself, but it’s really hard to find the driving line. It’s so wide that it becomes difficult to find markers and visual points. It was only after I sat with the Stig as a passenger that I finally realized where all the turn-in points and the correct driving lines were”.
I doubt I’ll ever get the game, seeing as don’t really go for games where racing is the main element. I don’t mind titles like GTA where you can get out the cars and do other stuff, and driving just complements the game. Still, it’s cool to see Top Gear featuring in a video game.

There was talk about a Top Gear game coming sometime in the future as well.

Sources: Top Gear


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