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Release the Payload: Aliens vs. Predator [Major Releases]

Aliens_vs_Predator_coverToday, the 16th of February, marks the day that Aliens vs. Predator comes out. It’s the long awaited reboot of the franchise, and the first major AvP game since AvP 2, which was released sometime in late 2001 – and that one wasn’t even by Rebellion, but by Monolith.

Rebellion was responsible for the first game, which was tons of fun, perhaps a little short and linear in my opinion, but still – it was considered a great that rivalled games like Quake II and Unreal in its time, even graphically.

The United States will get a hold of AvP today, with the UK version coming later on in the week, on Friday the 19th. The Aussie version will be on the 18th.

So far opinions on the game are mixed. There’s apparently been some negative reviews and some positive. Some consider it an average game. But those are the critics, and we know what they’re like. Besides, those reviews seem to be for the console versions primarily. Now it’s released, I guess we’ll get to find out for ourselves.

You can pick up Aliens vs. Predator for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on Amazon if you haven’t all ready. There are even special Hunter editions for the console versions.

Otherwise the only alternative if you’re looking to download it via digital distribution sites would be Steam, seeing as others like Direct2Drive have boycotted it because of its branding as a SteamWorks title.



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