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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to Have Optical Camouflage


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You remember the teaser trailer for GRFS released recently? Well, there was one part which looked pretty cool, and that was a squad of ghosts materializing out of nowhere.

This is what Ubisoft calls Optical Camo, and despite it seeming as though it’s a blatant copy of what was seen in Predator over twenty years ago, or more recently in Crysis, Ubi claims that this among other things is based on real technology that is currently being researched and developed.

Kimi Matsuzaki, otherwise known as UbiKimi on twitter (probably), had this to say:

“Despite popular belief, we didn’t design this after a certain bespectacled wand-wielding boy’s accoutrement. We are, and remain, loyal to the Ghost Recon brand value of authenticity.

In general Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is based on the very real Future Soldier Initiative 2030, which is a U.S. Army R&D program run by the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center. Optical camo, like other technologies in Future Solider, is a near-future reality, and this is why we chose to include it in GRFS.

We plan to discuss our references and inspirations in the coming months, so that you can see that we’ve done our homework in order to bring you a plausible future war scenario. In terms of optical camo, there are actually numerous research and military programs on it.”

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier should be out this year for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PC version coming later on, and handheld console versions planned as well.

By the way: how cool would it be to get a hold of that Optical Camo tech in real life one day?


Source: VG247



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