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Crysis 2 to Feature the Big Five… Things You’ll Remember Forever


Crysis 2 was featured in Edge magazine recently, and details of the game have leaked on to the net. The game is reportedly going to feature five big memorable things that will stay with you long after you’ve featured the game.

We all know that the game will take place in New York city now, and that the player will have access to the Nanosuit 2. One of the things talked about is that this isn’t just the New York seen plenty of times in movies and other games. This is going to be Crytek’s own “unique New York”, set three years after the first Crysis, and thirteen years from now, making it 2023, I would guess.

They also mentioned in the interview, destruction and scarring of the environment. Could this be like Red Faction or F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin?

Nanosuit 2 will naturally see some upgrades, like X-ray vision, Tactical mode, and bullet deflection. X-ray vision sounds good, and come to mention it so does Tactical mode, seeing as they claim it enhances your hearing in the game so you hear even the slightest of sounds. And it also improves your HUD capabilities.

In any case, there seems to be a lot of “unique” being thrown around. Some claim that New York isn’t entirely original, seeing as some games like Max Payne took place in the city, as well as Turning Point, but not a hell of a lot others.

The game is expected to release by the end of the year, somewhere in Q4, 2010, likely December, hopefully in time for Christmas.


Sources: Edge



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