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Medal of Honor: First Screenshots [Screenshots]

Some brand new screenshots have been released for Medal of Honor, the upcoming reboot of the series, set the come out in Q3 2010.

So what can we deduce by looking at the screenshots? Firstly, some of those shots look as though they’ve been spruced up a bit, and even if does look like that, most of us won’t play it looking like that. Some people are wondering if it’s the Frostbite engine, or the Unreal Engine 3. the singleplayer uses UE3, and the multiplayer, the Frostbite engine.

Possibly there will be undercover missions, which is to be expected of a Medal of Honor game. Looking at one of the shots, this appears to be the case, as two soldiers who looks as though they may be undercover, posing as terrorists, are possibly rescuing a hostage. They’re using typical American issue or non-terrorist weaponry and gear, from what I can see.

There will be vehicles in the game, like the ATV or quad bike, or four-wheeler (depending where you’re from). There might be a chance to use air support, like in Allied Assault.

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