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Next Riddick Movie Coming, Vin Diesel to Play Riddick

Riddick I love the Riddick franchise, or The Chronicles of Riddick, which tells the ongoing story of the cold killer known as Riddick, or Richard B. Riddick. I love it so much, it’s Riddick-ulous. Okay, lame.

There was Pitch Black, which was awesome, and probably the best film in the series so far. Then there was Chronicles of Riddick, which was okay, but not as great, even though it had a much bigger budget.

Then there were the games. The excellent Escape From Butcher Bay proved that not all movie to game adaptations suck. Maybe because it was a prequel to Pitch Black, and not actually based on any of the movies. That’s the secret, I think. And there was Assault on Dark Athena, which let’s be honest, people only really bought so they could play the original, EFBB, in its remastered glory. The sequel wasn’t as good, apart from the excellent song at the end by Valley of the Dead, which played during the credits.

There was also that animated film, Dark Fury, that I haven’t seen, to be honest.

Now the next Riddick film in the series is coming sometime in the future, with production having stated, and none other than Riddick himself, Vin Diesel, is to star in it once again. It just wouldn’t be the same without him. David Twohy is going to be writing and directing the film too, just like the prequels.

Details on the name of the film weren’t given, but a while back it was said by Diesel that the film, “Chronicles 2”, would revolve around The UnderVerse, and recently it was said that one of the locations for filming will possibly take place in New Zealand, with other rumours going around talking about White Desert in Farafra, Egypt.

And there’s plans for another movie after this too, where Riddick will return to Furya.


Source: The Escapist



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