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Added the new Projects and Places page

Recently I saw under the posts section that there was a “edit pages” tab, and it said I could create up to ten pages for my blog, which are standalone or separate to the homepage or blog itself. I’m not sure if this is very new, but I haven’t seen it until now.

I just checked. It’s new as of this month.

So, I got round to cleaning up my blog a little bit, and adding all the links to my different blogs and such on this page, which is labelled “Projects and Places”. Check it out. You can find the “Pages” gadgets on the left sidebar near the top of my blog. I’ll probably add more pages sometime as well.

It’s pretty simple to add these pages, and you edit them just like you would your blog posts. It doesn’t look like you can post these pages from programs like Windows Live Writer though. You actually have to log in and do it.



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