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Tramell Isaac’s Wild Ride: Part V – Final Days

If it’s one person who also read Wired's DNF article, “Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem”, recently and had some criticisms to make, it was Tramell Issac – the former Art Director on Duke Nukem Forever.

Tramell Isaac posted the fifth instalment in his Wild Ride series recently on his blog. Wild Ride is all about his tenure at 3D Realms, working on the title.

Here are some good bits from the post:

“I remember one of the programmers, in his spare time, got the code running on a (non-PC) platform. This team was seriously operating on another level.”

I remember reading that DNF may have been released on the Xbox 360 as well as PC.

“We all gathered for the announcement that internal development would cease on DNF. That's pretty much it. As crappy as it was 3Dr were still class acts about it. They let guys work on their portfolios after they had officially shut down. They help tons of people find jobs. They invited big name companies to come in and 'head hunt' from the 3dr employees. 3dr did everything they could to minimize the impact the loss of a job would bring. I've never seen that kind of thoughfulness (sic)in my dealings in the industry. Steve, George, and Scott are class acts, genuinely gracious individuals. I don't think any of that was told in the "wired" article. That's why it had to be told here. segway.. (sic)

“Okay, so I read the "Wired" article "Learn to Let Go..." I have to admit it was very well written and the guy did some serious research considering he didn't get much help for any 3dr people. I have to applaud Clive for that. AND for the fact he can recognize great talent when he 'sees it'.”

"Many of those he hired were high-powered creatives, like Tramell Isaac, a 12-year veteran of the industry" (never knew I was "high-powered until then, good lookin' out...oh yeah, that's 15 year vet ;) but anyway who's counting.”

“Clive, I'm sure you meant nothing by it but I do have to take offense to this line in the article..."

”Why do I take offense to it?... because NO ONE gave up. Not a single person on that team wanted it to end, let alone end the way it did.”

What do you think of that Clive*? Huh? Seems like more research needed to be done, according to Mr. Tramell “T-Ray” Isaac. I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

* Clive Thompson was the person who wrote the article on Wired last month.

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