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New Aliens vs. Predator Screenshots

Here are ten new screenshots, released for Aliens vs. Predator, the title being developed by Rebellion, and coming out next month (fingers crossed that is doesn’t get delayed).
There are a lot of people thinking that because Rogue Warrior apparently sucked, that this game will too. But the group that made that game is a different one to this one. Rebellion Derby, previously Core Design (they messed up the Tomb Raider series as well), made Rogue Warrior, and their continued existence as part of Rebellion is still in question, as there’s talk of the team being let go.
This game here though, looks like it’s going to rock.
 aliens-vs-predator1 aliens-vs-predator2 aliens-vs-predator3 aliens-vs-predator4 aliens-vs-predator5 aliens-vs-predator6 aliens-vs-predator7 aliens-vs-predator8 aliens-vs-predator9 aliens-vs-predator10


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