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Aliens vs. Predator Demo Confirmed, Preview at MLG Pro Circuit Championship


Every AvP title I remember had a demo. Aliens vs. Predator 2 even had multiple demos, at least one for each species represented in the game – the marines, the Predator, and the aliens.

So, one of Q1 2010’s biggest titles, Aliens vs. Predator, which is actually the third game in the series despite the lack of a number, is keeping with this trend, and is getting a demo. It hasn’t been revealed when that demo will be out, but the game itself, the full version, is coming out next month. But just like with other titles (Wolfenstein comes to mind), the demo could come out post-release. So I'd play it safe and say that it will also be somewhere in Q1, obviously.

Aliens vs. Predator is being developed by Rebellion, the studio that made the first game (the second was made by Monolith), and published by Sega – the first in at least two known Alien games (so far), the other being Aliens: Colonial Marines. The third, the Alien RPG was cancelled, but word has it that there will be others to take its place.

It will also be one of the first games to use DirectX 11 technology. It also looks bloody amazing.

There’s no word that it’s supposed to be a sequel to the first game, unlike AvP 2, which although it was developed by another studio, is called a sequel to that game. It could just be a reboot – something that’s becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Hopefully it won’t be like the films.

By the way, in related news, AvP was previewed at MLG Pro Circuit Championship in Orlando, Florida, the other day, over the weekend.


Aliens vs Predator demo confirmed, no date yet

AvP Being Previewed at MLG Pro Circuit Championship



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