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Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack Arriving Just Before the Game

Mass Effect 2 is scheduled for a January 26th release this year, but a week before, on January 19th (Tuesday next week), the soundtrack for the game is arriving. You can all ready grab it at Amazon for pre-order.

The soundtrack is composed by Jack Wall, who also made the soundtrack for the first game.


Here’s the track list:

CD 1   

1. The Illusive Man   
2. Humans Are Disappearing   
3. The Attack   
4. The Lazarus Project   
5. A Rude Awakening   
6. The Normandy Reborn   
7. Miranda   
8. Jacob   
9. Freedom's Progress   
10. Thane   
11. Garrus   
12. An Unknown Enemy   
13. Samara   

CD 2   

1. Grunt   
2. Horizon   
3. Tali   
4. Mordin   
5. The Normandy Attacked   
6. Jack   
7. Legion   
8. Jump Drive   
9. Crash Landing   
10. The Collector Base   
11. The End Run   
12. Suicide Mission   
13. New Worlds   
14. Reflections

You can check out the page for the soundtrack below, along with all the individual mp3s where you can listen to samples and buy them when the date arrives.

Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack


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