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New Mass Effect 2 Novel Coming This Year

retribution It won’t arrive at the same time as the soundtrack and the game, Mass Effect 2, nicely one week after the other, on January 19th and January 26th, respectively, but there will be another Mass Effect novel coming this year… in July, on the 27th. Six months away.

This one is called Mass Effect: Retribution also by Drew Karpyshyn, and it’s set to be a prequel to Mass Effect 2, detailing events concerning the Illusive Man (voiced in ME 2 by Martin Sheen).

“Retribution is set in the universe fans know well from the video game and novel series—one in which humanity has explored the very farthest reaches of the universe, only to discover the ruthless Reapers, a race bent on extinguishing all organic life. One man is bent on discovering the Reapers' secrets, the mysterious Illusive Man, the leader of a pro-human, black ops group, Cerberus. And he's devised the perfect plan: implant a human subject with Reaper technology in order to study the enemy.

He also has the perfect test subject—Paul Grayson, an ex-Cerberus operative. Grayson betrayed Cerberus in order to save his daughter. So when Grayson is kidnapped and made the subject of Cerberus' evil experiments, the Illusive Man will finally have his revenge...” 

                                        – Blurb from BioWare website

This isn’t the only novel based on Mass Effect. There are two others, Mass Effect: Ascension, and Mass Effect: Revelation, as well as Mass Effect Redemption, a Dark Horse comic series.



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