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Max Payne 3: Man on Fire – Similarities Seen?

Man_on_fire Maxpayne3

No, that’s not the subtitle of the game, rest assured, but I was just noticing some similarities between these said titles: the game Max Payne 3, yet to be released, and the movie Man on Fire released years ago.

Man on Fire starred Denzel Washington as John W. Creasy, a depressed, suicidal man, who after service in the CIA went into the private security sector for a wealthy family, and had to look after that little girl, played by Dakota Fanning, in Mexico City, Mexico.


This screenshot from Max Payne 3 reminds me of some of the scenes from the film, Man on Fire.

When you look at Max Payne 3, Max used to be a cop in the NYPD but after the first two games, also goes into the private security sector for a local wealthy family, in a completely different setting – this time in São Paulo, Brazil, South America. And not to mention he’s also depressed, as well as being bald and scruffy looking. He lost his wife and child years ago, in the first Max Payne.

Just looking at the two titles, I couldn’t help but notice some similarities. Coincidence? Maybe. But Creasy didn’t have bullet time…

I guess we’ll see more when we play the game.



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