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Mass Effect 2: Vanguard Trailer

On The Verge recently, the same day that I saw the Metro 2033 trailer actually, they showed off the Mass Effect 2 Vanguard Trailer. I try to watch the trailers before posting about them, even though it was released several days ago.

Mass Effect 2 Vanguard Trailer

“Vanguard” means the leading force in an army. And my, this Vanguard class looks awesome. In the game, the Vanguard uses Biotic powers, basically like magic in other games or something.

To think, you can practically teleport by travelling lightning fast to a destination, sort of like The Flash, or Superman. It's kind of like cheating, but it’s not. I guess there will have to be some sort of rule here to prevent technical invulnerability, like some sort of rechargeable power. I’m sure I remember this sort of thing from Mass Effect. Sorry, it’s been about a year and a half since I last played it, you know.

Mass Effect 2 will be released later on this month, on the 26th of January, for the PC and Xbox 360.



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