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NAG Forum Dwellers Pushing to get The Dark Mod on the March DVD

There are two threads over at the NAG forums, and the topic being discussed is The Dark Mod. Every update on the main site has become a teaser- reminding us just how badly we’ve all wanted this mod for nearly the past three months since the beta release.

They’re saying that the more people who vote for it, the more chance it’ll get to be put on the NAG March issue cover DVD. So if you’re a member on the forum and you buy NAG, now’s your chance to get over there. You need to suck up to a guy called GeometriX.

By the way, it’s old news anyway, but there are some new maps and stuff available for the mod, some of which were done for the Christmas Contest held a while back, last month. These maps include “The Parcel", "Too Late", "Trapped!", “Return to the City”
”The Sons of Baltona 1”, and “Living Expenses”. You can find a list of all the maps available for the mod here.

They’re also putting more zombies in the game, like the original Thief games.




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