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Mod Watch: Dark Mod Version 1.01 Released

On this day: March 14, 2010 - Steak and BJ day; March 14, 2004 - Battlefield Vietnam

inventor Yes, so that it isn’t he most original title there: Mod Watch. It’s all ready been used before by others. I just couldn’t think of anything better.

But what is better is that version 1.01 of The Dark Mod, a mod or total conversion for Doom 3 based on the original Thief games, has been released. This is the first update for the game since it came out last year in October.

“At long last, the TDM 1.01 update is ready for download! This is a BIG update, that adds dozens of new assets for mappers (including 6 new AI types, new models, and new ambient tracks), as well as fixing numerous bugs. New features for players, like a crouch indicator and combat difficulty levels, have also been added. We've also responded to the many player requests to reduce the volume of the player footsteps.”

You can grab the new versions of TDM and Dark Radiant, the editor, by visiting The Dark Mod’s official website.

I still haven’t managed to play this mod. NAG magazine won’t download it and put it on the Cover DVD because it’s too big. We’ll have to wait for NAG to upgrade to two DVDs, which they might or might not do this year.





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