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Kane& Lynch 2: Dog Days Release Date Confirmed, new Trailer

kl2b Recently, Square Enix revealed a release date for IO Interactive’s Kane& Lynch: Dog Days. In North America, it’s set for an August 24 release, and August 27 in Europe.

The game will be available simultaneously for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, can has singleplayer and multiplayer.

Also, a new trailer was released for the game just yesterday.

AAA: This new game is being developed by the guys behind the acclaimed Hitman series, and not Eidos, who screwed up the first game in a major way – not just with the development, but also with some scandal involving reviews and such.

The new art direction, which hopes to make the game look more like something off of YouTube, should be interesting to say the least. It’s about time that a game tried to capitalise on popular culture in this fashion, since we know how big social media is. It’ll likely make the game look crappy – but that’s the point. For once, the emphasis definitely won’t be on how amazingly gorgeous the graphics are. Not that it looks that bad, anyway.


Sources: Shacknews – 1up



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