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Video Games Coming out This Week [03-14 – 03-20, 2010]: Metro 2033, C&C 4, GoW III

On this day: 14 March, 2010 - Pi Day           


              GodofWarIII DAOA

AAA’s Targets of the Week: Metro 2033, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

With the games coming out this week, it’s no wonder Assassin’s Creed II got the hell out of the way, and came out last week. It would have had Metro 2033, C&C 4, and God of War III to contend with.

No doubt I can’t wait to get a hold of Metro 2033, which comes out on the 16th for PC and Xbox 360. It’s a post apocalyptic type game set in Moscow, Russia, based on the book of the same name, where the game’s characters spend most of their lives underground in the Metro tunnels. In the tunnels as well as above ground, there are horrors beyond belief, like your mutants and such, to combat.

It’s basically like Stalker in a way, but without the RPG elements, and not as open ended either. The experts say it plays more like a Call of Duty title. It will however feature multiple endings just like Stalker.

And then there’s Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, a PC exclusive. This is reportedly the final game in the Tiberian Saga of RTS titles, and from what I’ve read it’s not like any Command& Conquer you’ve played before.

Other big releases include the PS3 exclusive, God of War III, which has all ready been said by some who’ve played it to be a strong candidate for game of the year. And there’s Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening for multiple consoles, and expansion pack for Dragon Age: Origins.

To be honest, nothing excites me more than the aforementioned Metro 2033. I’m a big fan of the Stalker games and Fallout 3, and this sort of game appeals to me. It’s an original IP, unlike most of the other titles coming out this week, so it’s something new and fresh.

Links as usual go to game detail pages at Amazon, Steam, Direct2Drive, etc., where you can pick up the game of your choice or just browse.

Remember you can check out my aStore as well, where I’ve added the major releases under “2010 Games”.


Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight [Amazon - Retail] [Direct2Drive - Digital]
Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening [Amazon - Retail] [Direct2Drive - Digital]

Dragon Age: Origins + Awakening Bundle [Direct2Drive - Digital]
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans
Metro 2033 [Amazon - Retail] [Steam - Digital]
Mount & Blade: Warband
Pet Forest
Sol Survivor [Steam - Digital]

Xbox 360

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
Metro 2033
Perfect Dark [XBLA]
Resonance of Fate
Supreme Commander 2


Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening       
God of War III
God of War III Ultimate Edition
Resonance of Fate
Wakeboarding HD [PSN]

Nintendo DS

101 MiniGolf World
Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans
Infinite Space
Pokemon HeartGold Version

Limited Edition Pokemon HeartGold Version with Figurine 
Pokemon SoulSilver Version

Limited Edition Pokemon SoulSilver Version with Figurine   
Sonny With a Chance
Spectral Force Genesis
T.A.C. Heroes: Big Red One

Nintendo Wii

Family Gameshow
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Hall of Fame: Ultimate Hoops Challenge
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans
Rage of the Gladiator [WiiWare]
Sam & Max 2: Beyond Time and Space
Triple Shot Sports [WiiWare]


Sources: Gamespot - Shacknews



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