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Where are the Stars: Ranger

What about me? What about Ranger?

o.quake Ranger is the protagonist from Quake.

Ranger is another creation of the id stable, and originally appeared in Quake, the hit game from 1996, which introduced the gaming world to true 3D. His task was to explore military bases and travel to distant dimensions, and find magical runes which would open up the doorway to the ultimate enemy, Shrub-Niggurath.

“Imagine a big ugly plant-looking thing.” He claims.

He also starred in two mission packs for Quake, titled Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity.

Ranger was shocked when he learned that there would not be a sequel to the game in terms of continuity.

“Quake II my @ss! They took the name and put it to a completely different series of games! Heck, Quake II even got a sequel!”

Ranger hates Bitterman, the guy from Quake II, with a passion.

“He stole my job! He took over the “Quake” series in Quake II, and that should have been ME! I tell you, every time Bitterman got fragged in Quake III… it was me. I owned you, b1tch!”

Ranger made an appearance in Quake III Arena along with all the “other id puppets”.

“What happened to single-player games?”

quake-runningFor the first time, in Quake III Arena, he met Wrack, a fellow slipgate explorer.

“Where the hell was he when I needed him? I was there all alone the whole time, and you mean to tell me that there were others?! Not that I was glad to see him anyway- he was an arrogant old man who kept going on about the good old days. He’s such a faker though, because I was the one who did all the work.”

Ranger now spends his days trapped in one of the gothic medieval dimensions that he was tasked with exploring, bitter and alone, besides the other vicious creatures that inhabit the place with him.



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