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Bungie Re-Trademarks Marathon

Bungie_Marathon_poster225p Long before Halo, there was Marathon. In fact it was a trilogy of games made by Bungie, the same people. They were released in the mid 90’s, mainly for the Mac, but were largely ignored by the PC audience, who were too busy playing Doom and Doom II. In fact only the second game, Marathon 2 was ever released on the platform.

Anyhow, it was picked up by Superannuation the other day that Bungie has re-trademarked the name Marathon.

Now comes speculation time. I doubt it’s going to be a re-release seeing as the Marathon games were released as freeware years ago. It could be some sort of re-boot, seeing as another cherished game from the 90’s, Rise of the Triad, recently got an iPhone version of the game.

There might be plans to remake one of those games, seeing as Doom was sort of remade in Doom 3, and Doom 4 might well be a remake of Doom II: Hell on Earth. But that’s just a rumour.

I somehow doubt that Bungie or anyone else would ever consider making a sequel in the series, seeing as the Halo games are really spiritual successors to the Marathon series. So, if they wanted to make another Marathon, they could just make another Halo, which is what they’re doing with Halo: Reach.

But I could be wrong.

Some rumours say it’s because one of the games might appear on Xbox Live Arcade. The 2nd game, Marathon 2: Durandal, was released on XBLA nearly three years back.

Then again, it could be nothing…


Source: Superannuation



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