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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Teaser Trailer

Those rumours about the fact that Deus Ex 3 is now subtitled “Human Revolution”, after a trademark filing was discovered earlier this year, were correct. Deus Ex 3 is now officially known as Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

And that little hint about a big reveal for the game that was going around recently? It was a trailer which was revealed at the GDC just recently, presented by Eidos Montreal, the developers of the game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The trailer is two minutes long, and it’s mainly just CG stuff, made with the help of Square Enix, and no real in-game footage is in it. The trailer introduces the character Adam Jensen, or AJ. You remember, JC… right? The screenshots that we saw the other day - the one with the lighter and cigarette - are from this trailer.

DX3b lighter

It starts of with some scene which involves AJ flying into the sun like Icarus in Greek Mythology. Of course Icarus is a name familiar to people who’ve played Deus Ex. And then we see AJ showing off some of biomechanical augmentations like secondary eyelids which act like sunglasses, and look, wrist blades like X-Men’s Wolverine or possibly out of Assassin’s Creed. Don’t leave home without them.

Still no mention of a release date, but I expect it will be this year sometime, probably in Q3 or Q4. The reason I day this is because more details are promised to be revealed at E3, and that’s only in June. No official confirmation on consoles either, but PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 look to be a safe bet, seeing as the logos for these platforms appear at the end of the trailer.

One thing that has been confirmed though, is that DX:HE will not feature multiplayer, and will be strictly a singleplayer experience, as Deus Ex should be.


Source: Shacknews



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