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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier First Details

Ghostrecon Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is featured in Official PlayStation Magazine’s latest issue, nearly out now, and some details of the game have been given.

Just like the other titles, the game take place in the near future, supposedly ten to fifteen years after the events of Ghost Recon Advanced Fighter 2, and sees the ghosts going against more ultranationalists.

In the game, we all ready know that you’ll be able to use optical camouflage, or cloak, like in Crysis, and exo-skeleton legs which allow the player to jump and roll, which you couldn’t do in previous titles, much to my frustration.

Just like other Ghost Recon titles though, there’s close quarters urban combat.

There’s four player co-op, and interestingly when they talk about tools that players can use depending on their class type, you get optical camo for the Recon class, shoulder mounted missiles for the Commando, and heart sensors.

Now, when you think of heart sensors, you’re probably going to think, Ah, another one copying Modern Warfare 2. But remember that heart sensors were featured in the first Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games over ten tears ago – except they weren’t mounted onto the side of assault rifles, and operated a little differently. Still…

Another thing which is a first for the series is there won’t be any squad commands, which didn’t work in GRAW anyway, as far as I remember. So it’s probably not hard to see why.


Sources: TVG



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