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Corey Haim Passes Away at 38, Double Switch?

Corey Haim Yesterday, the 10th of March, marked the day that Corey Ian Haim, the once famous Canadian child star and teen idol from the 80’s, passed away. He was 38. The LA police say that it looks like it was an overdose of drugs. Whether intentional or not is still to be determined. An autopsy will take place on his body to find more answers.

In addition to reading all the tweets on Twitter  about his passing, I just happened to read on Games Radar that in addition to films, in which he usually co-starred along side another 80’s heartthrob by the name of Corey Feldman, he also had a game which starred non other than Corey Haim, called Double Switch. It’s apparently the only game that ever starred the actor.

You might not have known this, especially if you didn’t know who Corey Haim was [and quite a few people don’t apparently, especially the younger ones, but some of the older ones too – but that’s probably from Alzheimer's]. I decided to to a little digging and see what I could find.


It was a full motion video game developed and published by Digital Pictures, and released for several platforms, including the Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Mac, and Windows, in the early to mid 90’s. It was one of the first DirectX games for Windows 95.

The game got mixed reviews, with the Windows version reviewed by CVG back in 1996 giving it a full 5 stars, and most of the other reviews, based on the Saturn CD version went from average to good. Most compared it to another earlier game called Night Trap.

Other than Corey Haim, it also starred R. Lee Ermey, a guy you might remember as "Gunny" from Full Metal Jacket.

When they talk about trap ‘em ups, the one I remember most was Home Alone, which I played on DOS years ago. That was an awesome game.

Source: Games Radar


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