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New Medal of Honor Screenshots [Screens]

Some people don’t like commentary to go with photos, claiming that it bores readers to death. But I love it!

Besides, I’ve read that it’s not good to have just pictures in a post, and that should at least have a few lines of text, as it’s better for SEO or search engine optimisation and all that stuff that I don’t understand too well.

Anyway, these are the new Medal of Honor screenshots released the other day. Let’s see what we have: there are two guys who I swear are undercover, because they look Middle Eastern, but are using US army issue gear and weapons – they feature in quite a few of the screenshots released for the game so far; we have some nice views of the deserts and rocky hills and mountains; some city streets and slums; the ATV or 4-wheeler which also features in Bad Company 2, but didn’t appear in Modern Warfare 2 (HA!); a helicopter – let’s hope you can fly it or at least shoot out of it; and some urban close quarters combat.

Onto related news: I read that a new trailer for Medal of Honor will be arriving on Friday. I’ve also gotten info from the main website that the game’s write-up and trailers and such are available on Xbox Live Marketplace.





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