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BioShock’s Arcadia Demade in Doom II

This is quite old. The original was posted at the end of February, and the first I heard of it was early March, like the 2nd. Anyway, it’s made its way all over the internet, and ended up here eventually.

Some guy who was involved in the making of BioShock and BioShock 2, Jean-Paul LeBreton, demade the great level in BioShock called Arcadia, which was probably one of the spookiest and most well-designed places in the game. He “demade” it in Doom II.


“Inspired partly by TIGSource’s amazing Bootleg Demakes Competition, I used a modern Doom level editor called SLADE to recreate Arcadia and the Farmer’s Market, the sections of BioShock on which I was the primary designer. It’s a monster of a level, crammed full of weird little BioShock-to-Doom transmutations and symbolism. If you’re a fan of either game, I hope you enjoy it.”

And the best part is that you don’t just have to look at it. He’s put it up for download. Included in the zip file is the Doom WAD, instructions, as well as developer commentary on the level. I’m glad to see that some people other than I haven’t forgotten about the classics.

Demakes are all the rage right now. Remember that Left 4 Dead demake? I might just give this a try. I’ve got ZDoom and Doomsday around here somewhere…





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