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STALKER? No- it's Metro 2033

Last night I watched The Verge, a local TV show about gaming and such. It was an Uncharted 2 special, but in amongst all that stuff, there was a trailer for this game, slated to come out next year.

It looked like Stalker, played kind of like Stalker, had a narrator with a Russian accent. I thought it must be Stalker: Call of Pripyat!

But it wasn't... after the screen went blank, the title came up: Metro 2033.

And what was so weird was that this game seemed to have slipped under my radar, seeing as I hardly knew much about it. Perhaps I read something about it, but apart from that, this was the first time I really paid attention. Judging from what I've read lately, it's experiencing some renewed interest after being "known about" for 3 years all ready.

It used to be called Metro 2033: The Last Refuge, but THQ, the publisher, removed it.

I was partly right about it's Stalker look though, seeing as Metro 2033 is being developed by 4a-games, which has ex-Stalker guys on its staff. The game is based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033, which also has a sequel in Metro 2034. Both are free to read online, along with the books that you can buy.

The game is set for release next year for the PC as well as Xbox 360. No PS3, although this was originally planned but dropped, it seems.



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