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Duke Nukem Sounds like Bruce Willis When he Falls to his Death

I love listening to game sound effects and voices. I’ve often unpacked zip files, searched game program files, and downloaded them.

I googled to try and get some Duke Talk wavs for Duke Nukem 3D recently, because I’ve got the old VOC files which only work with WinAmp and not Windows Media Player, which I use more often. Yeah, I know I could just extract the contents out of the DN3D GRP file, but then I’d still have to convert them myself, so I took a shortcut. Besides, not all the VOC files work.

Anyway, I found a number of files that I haven’t ever heard before, which possibly weren’t used in the game. Among some of the best are the death screams, especially when Duke falls from a great height to his death. That one I have heard a lot and I’ve always thought that this one sounded like Jon St. John’s pretty convincing rendition of one of Bruce Willis’s screams, like in Die Hard. It isn’t too hard to imagine why, when you think that Die Hard and John McClane were both an inspiration for Duke's character. There are two scenes in the fourth episode of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition- one where you see a plaque on the desk in the police station which has J. McClane written on it, and when Duke says the famous line from Die Hard:

“Yippee Ki-yay, Motherf@cker!”



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