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Modern Warfare 2 to Have Third Person Mode

How long has it been since I played a FPS that has third person mode without having to type in a cheat in order to get it? Third person mode is fun to use in games like Oblivion or Fallout 3 to see what nice armour you're wearing. Well, when it comes to Call of Duty games, this is a first. A video on YouTube has shown this new feature, although it's been said that this is a leaked version of the game, being shown off by a pirate, although others say it's an Infinity Ward employee. Anyway, somebody played the game, and now community manager Robert Bowling has stepped in and confirmed that this new gimmick will feature in the game on release.

It may not be as practical as the feature which allows you to use two pistols simultaneously, but still, interesting.


Modern Warfare 2 will feature third-person mode for playlists
Is Modern Warfare 2 Out Already?


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