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Keen Dreams: Redneck Rampage, Doom, Thief, and stuff

This is a new feature that I’m debuting here on AAA, and you might think it’s weird, but it’s kind of cool too. And you watch others copy me, because I’ve all ready seen that happen before. Okay, so I’m not the first to have a dream about games and so on, but it’s something I never if rarely ever see on any blogs about gaming. So, you know I haven’t copied it from any place.

It’s about video games in dreams- my dreams to be exact. Yeah, I get a few hours sleep from the early hours of the morning onwards. How do I know they are about video games? Well, because they usually feature guns and other stuff that you would only find in games, like treasure and stuff falling off a bad guy after he’s been killed.

This morning I dreamed about an FPS game that saw me using an AK47 (I’ve been playing Redneck Rampage a lot lately) to gun down some creature. It looked like one of those zombies from Thief (if only you could use guns in Thief!). But he kept getting back up again, because he's undead and bullets don't affect him, and so I had to blow him up like in those aforementioned games (in Thief you can use fire arrows, and RR you use dynamite). After that the skeleton dropped some treasure and an MP5, which I scooped up, kind of like in Hellgate: London, or something, and then I heard a noise, as a door opened, unlocking other parts of the level, and all these big mofos came running out. So I opened fire with my gun, and after that, I don't know, it went blank.

Then it was revealed that this game was actually the new Doom, Doom 4, and that the doomguy actually does have a name. He has these initials: L.B.A., which actually stands for Lawrence (or Larry) Bambus Anderson. That’s weird, because I always thought that doomguy had a bit of hick or hillbilly in him.

Too much playing Redneck Rampage. Although, I haven’t touched it in a few days now…



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