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Cracking Down on Piracy by Using Disk Sniffing Dogs

I watched something on the news the other day.

In Portugal or some place, they had a black Labrador going through bags as part of a demonstration for the cameras. Now this is a scene that you’ve likely seen before. When I was in high school, we were searched by cops and their drug-sniffing dogs at least two or three times. And all of a sudden when we were told that on that day it would be time for the search, several kids went pale and asked to go to the bathroom so they could hide their stash somewhere, probably.

But this time, on the news, it wasn’t drugs they were after. They were after pirated CDs, DVDs, and the like. The guy controlling the dog explained that the substance that they train the dog to look, or smell, for is polycarbonate, which is present in the disks. They say it takes several months to train the dogs to do this.

I was also just reading about a sniffer dog in Malaysia as well, after googling it.

Quite interesting.


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