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Off Target: My Trip to Simon’s Town

Well, like I posted the other night, I went to Simon’s Town yesterday with my brother to check up on some construction site. He’s a civil engineer.

I took my camera with, naturally and snapped a few pictures of the harbour, the patrol boats, and other stuff; even though I was told I might be arrested for doing so. Then we went to the naval museum, because my brother has wanted to go there for some time, and I snapped a few shots here too.

But by far, the funniest part of the whole trip was when we were leaving Simon’s Town, and some cyclist on the side of the road fell off his bike, and my brother swerved out of the way in time, otherwise he would have run him over. Luckily there was no oncoming traffic; otherwise we would have been in an accident.

What was so funny was the way that this guy fell. I know, I’m a sadist, but you had to be there. He was wearing the typical Lycra outfit or whatever, and after a major battle with trying to stay on his bike, he fell and he slid across the road face first, with his arms at this side. He looked as though he decided to just lie down and have an afternoon nap right in the middle of the road.

I LOLd, for sure.

The worst part of the trip was that I hadn’t had any breakfast, and despite a plan to stop off and get some food, I practically starved until I got home. I only managed to pick up a bottle of sprite and a packet of these cr@p tasting chips.



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