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New Resident Evil Film, Afterlife, Coming Next Year

*Groan* neutral

There’s going to be another Resident Evil film coming next year, called Resident Evil: Afterlife. The movie has also been confirmed as 3D.

The cast is getting Wentworth Miller from Prison Break as well, to play Chris Redfield. Well, I suppose the movie needs eye candy for the ladies, since the guys have had Milla Jovovich to ogle for years now. Yes, she will reprise her role as Alice. There’s this TV critic and cynical witch locally, named Nikki Temkin, who couldn’t stop going on about how “beautiful” Wentworth is at one stage.

The Resident Evil movies are nothing that an artsy fartsy type would love, It’s just a mindless series about zombie killing that likely won’t ever match up to the games. I watch them, but only when they come on TV. I don’t bother going to the theatre or even hiring it on DVD.




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