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Japanese Guys Have to Pay for Female Company

Before you think this another post about couch rugby, it’s not. This about the fact that there is a place in Japan that charges Japanese men for sessions with women- and it’s not a brothel either. In fact, no physical contact of that nature, like heavy petting, is allowed.

This place, The Cute Room, has a menu where people can choose what they want to partake in, whether it’s playing video games or watching movies with a girl.

It seems to me that the Japanese are just these lonely, shy, repressed people, and along comes this company to capitalize on that. Not only is it clever, but it’s disgusting. I shook my head and just laughed while reading about it on Kotaku.


Would You Prefer To Be Slapped Or Game With A Girl? [Maximum Risky]

(There were other sites where Kotaku got their info from, but they were in Japanese)


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