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Guy Makes Model of Laser Rifle From Fallout 3

So, I was just reading that somebody made a real life model replica of the Laser Rifle from Fallout 3.

That's pretty good, despite my post I made sometime ago about the weapon giving me tinnitus, it is still one of my favourite weapons in the game.

I've often fantasized about shooting the wild guinea fowl outside my house, since they make so much noise. One sits up in the Oak tree outside carrying on, with a most horrible, raspy croaking.

I often think about shooting it with that same Laser Rifle and disintegrating it into dust just like in the game. No witnesses, no evidence...

And he's made a Portal gun and a BioShock Big Daddy costume as well. Despite some of you who would say "get a life", he's received a lot of praise for his efforts, and his blog seems to be booming.


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