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Metal Gear Philanthropy is Available for Viewing

No, this isn't the Metal Gear movie that was talked about- not the official thing, but it's a fan-made movie, called Metal Gear Philanthropy. It's a free, non-profit film directed by Giacomo Talamini and Hive Division, and was in production for somewhere between 2 to 3 years.

Most people who have watched it commented that it's very good, at least for something fan-made. They particularly applaud the voice of Snake and the CG effect used. The actors are Italian, and the voice work was dubbed over. There are the odd few who think they can do better, but...meh

"Philanthropy" is actually a name used in MGS2, it's the name of the anti-Metal Gear team that Snake & Otacon joined up with after Shadow Moses. I found this bit of information on Kotaku's comments posted by some know-it-all.

There will be a part 2 as well, as I keep reading. So, this should at least keep you busy while you wait for Metal Gear Rising and Peace Walker, at least.

I want a Metal Gear Liquid game now.

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