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Polymer for EDuke32 Released

I've written about Polymer before on this blog as well as on my page for Duke Nukem 3D over at HP. I got some rare news from that a public build has officially been released now.

If you don't know what polymer is, then you should head over here, where there are a couple of videos as well as a brief explanation. You can also check the sources and resources links below.

I've seen a bit of polymer in pictures and videos, and as far as I know, and part of this I'm quoting, the Polymer renderer is a replacement for Ken Silverman's original Polymost renderer. Ken Silverman is the guy credited with creating the Build engine, which Duke 3D uses. Polymer is usable with EDuke32, which IMO is the best port for Duke 3D around. You can also use so many other things with it like the HRP, Duke Plus, and others.

I haven't played Duke 3D for while now, but I might just do so now.

Note: Not all of the links leading to work. I don't know why. Ask Yatta, the guy who runs the show there.
Polymer Officially Released!


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