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Monty Python Video Games Coming Sometime

Now I grew up watching Monty Python's Flying Circus (not the original run- I'm not that old!), and I am a big fan of John Cleese in particular, especially of his other films and series that came after, like Fawlty Towers.

Monty Python started back in 1969, and not only did it have seasons that went from 1969 until about 1974, but there were also a few movies too. Now it seems that the 40th Anniversary of this completely loony creation will be celebrated with some mini-games.

I don’t really see most of the Pythons coming in to do any voice work, although they might- the ones who are still alive anyway, which is pretty much all of them... except Graham Chapman. So I wonder if John Cleese, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Micheal Palin, and Terry Gilliam might be involved? I guess we’ll find out eventually.

Some are convinced that the game(s) may just be a bunch of thrown together scenes and sounds from the series and movies. The nerve.


Monty Python licence up for grabs


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