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Watch The Pacific, a Mini-Series, This Wednesday [TV]

ThePacific Those of you who’ve got DStv have likely been tuning in to M-Net Action to see Band of Brothers on Tuesdays nights, which features two back to back episodes. That comes to an end this week, as the last two episodes are being shown.

Never fear though, because something interesting is coming on this week. It’s called The Pacific. It ran in the US only in March, and was co-produced by the now-famous duo of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, who also collaborated on Band of Brothers, as well as Saving Private Ryan before that.

This time, instead of the European invasion, we’ll be seeing how things went on the pacific theatre – something not covered as much by films for sure, with some exceptions like Wind Talkers with Nicolas Cage, and The Thin Red Line.

The pacific theatre is interesting for this very reason because not many have explored it besides the History Channel. Games that have include Call of Duty: World at War, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Dirty Dozen 2: Pacific Theatre, and Battlefield 1942 and 1943. This number pales in comparison to how many have had you fighting in Normandy or some other place.

So for those of you wanting something to see some Asian battlegrounds and some tropical islands and so on, tune in to M-Net this Wednesday at 21:30 to see The Pacific. It’s a mini-series that will also run for ten episodes, just like Band of Brothers.



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